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We are very interested in hearing your thoughts!

We would be really grateful if you could spare a small amount of your time to provide feedback on the event. Answering the questions of the survey will take you no more than 10 minutes.


Organisation: Your feedback on...
1 = Very bad 
10 = Excellent
Registration & information
Content: Your feedback on...
1 = Very bad 
10 = Excellent
Content of this event
The level of the presentations
Opportunity for questions and discussion
Point in time of this event
Speakers: How would you rate...
1 = Very bad
10 = Excellent
Joris Luyendijk, moderator
Ferdinand Veenman, KPMG
Eric Wesselman, KPMG
Mark Evans, Hodge Bank
Sander Klous & Frank van Praat, KPMG
Martijn Berghuijs & Paul Koetsier, KPMG
Panel discussion
How likely is it that you will recommend this event to a relation or colleague?
Not (1) - most likely (10)
Identify two strengths of this event
Identify two weaknesses of this event
What is your main reason for joining this event?
Do you wish to receive more information about a specific subject?
In addition to the questions regarding the event you attended, we would also like to ask you two questions about the time of the event. The A9 motorway will be renovated in different phases in the coming years, which will have an impact on the accessibility of the KPMG office in Amstelveen.
What time do you prefere for attending an event?
(please select one of the options)
We can offer you space in the KPMG office to be able to work before or after the meeting to avoid traffic jams. Would you use this?